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The Force Close Team

The Force Close team has people working for different platforms. This variety in skill help Force Close develop software for Windows and Linux systems. Force Close also has people working in Android. There are plenty of IT services Force Close provides apart from these. You can contact us and get a quote from us.

Force Close Rahul Ahiray

Rahul Ahiray

Lead Developer

Rahul Ahiray develops software for many platforms. It is just a polite way of saying "Jack of all, master of none".

Force Close Parthasarthi Bapat

Parthasarthi Bapat

Lead Developer

Parthasarthi Bapat is the species which eats, drinks and breathes code. This organism is capable of working for hours without getting exhausted.

Force Close Akshay Avhad

Akshay Avhad

Lead Developer

Akshay Avhad specializes in Windows Application development. His programming sessions at Force Close are often accompanied with screaming during bug fixing.