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Force Close Commitment


Projects status is communicated throughout the development process.

Force Close Modern Design

Modern Design

Our software is based on modern design principles and Google UI design guidelines.

Force Close Passion


We are good at our job because we love what we do and struggle to improve.

It might be a small static website for your business or a complex online shopping portal. Force Close has solutions and designs for both. Our web development team has hands on experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and JSP. We develop a simple and easy-to-use user interface with efficient backend code.

While developing websites and web applications we make sure they are accesible and usable on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Android OS is the most widely used mobile platform and the skilled up-to-date android developers the Force Close team allow us to deliver elegant android applications which are developed using advanced cutting edge APIs.

Force Close android development team follows Google UI guidelines to build applications with sleek and interactive UI with great functionality.

Though the world is moving towards mobile technologies, the significance of desktop applications has not decreased. Library Management software, ERP solutions and many more industrial software is still developed for desktop platforms.

Force Close has skilled developers who develop desktop applications in, Java and C#.

Be it an android application or a simple web application. Security of applications and systems must be an enterprise's top priority. As a business grows, it gets vulnerable to attacks and exploits.

Force Close also performs audits for company networks, websites and software. We detect vulnerabilities and also provide you solutions for fixing the same making your business less vulnerable to attacks.